'99 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Jim Graham #78 Red Ferd #79 Green
Jim Graham drives Red #78, and I drove Green #79.

My generous friend Jim Graham again invited me this year to travel from Ottawa to Edmonton to take part in the Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship weekend staged by the Northern Alberta Sports Car Club.

Jim drives the Red #78 Chevette.  And Patrick Ryan, Jim's partner in the Accident Reconstruction Engineering firm of Graham Ryan Consulting, Ltd, normally drives the Green #79 Chevette and shares the car with several of the students working for the firm.

This year's Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship weekend was staged in Lac La Biche, a good two and a half hour drive north of Edmonton.  Patrick Ryan is based in Calgary, another three and a half hours south of Edmonton.  We managed to convince Patrick that driving six hours each way was much too far for him to travel.  He graciously agreed, thereby making it possible for me to fly 3,500 km to drive his car instead.

Green #79Due to a variety of misfortunes, Green #79 had not fared well in the Ice Race Challenge 99 Results so far this year.  Following the first two events of the season, the Green car was in 25th position (of 26) in the Chevette Series, and tied for 30th (of 34) in the Rubber Series.

But, of the 20 cars taking part in the Chevette Races over the two-day event at Lac La Biche, Green #79 finished 4th overall!  See the official results of the 1999 Lac La Biche Weekend posted at the website of the Northern Alberta Sports Car Club.

However, the weekend involved quite a few misadventures for the Green car, including a rollover...

Earlier rumours had Greg Moore and Patrick Carpentier taking part in the weekend's festivities.  Sadly that didn't work out.  Instead, Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon raced the Chevettes!

Jeff Gordon Actually, neither Earnhardt nor Gordon could make it to Lac La Biche, as they both had prior committments to race in the Daytona 500 this weekend.  Instead two of their biggest fans drove Chevettes painted in Gordon and Earnhardt colours.  That is to say the cars were painted, not the drivers, eh. Dale Earnhardt

Two races were run for each class on Saturday, and three each on Sunday.  Saturday's races saw my Green Chevette pummelled in an altercation with the Dale Earnhardt "Terminator" look alike, which left the poor little Green car's rear fender crushed and grinding against the tire.  And Sunday's events saw me ending one race with the Green Chevette toppled over on its side.  There were plenty of thrills and spills.

Nonetheless, no permanent damage was done to the vehicle's hardware or to my body's software.  No tears were shed, and the weekend was a resounding success!

There are 5 pages of pictures, comments, and in-car video clips (in ASF format with sound) describing Saturday's action.

  1. Saturday - Introduction
  2. Saturday - Chevette Race #1
  3. Saturday - Rubber Race #1 with crushed fender
  4. Saturday - Fender Aftermath
  5. Saturday - Chevette Race #2

And there are 2 pages for Sunday.

  1. Sunday - A Good Pass
  2. Sunday - A Not so Good Pass   Finally featuring the rollover!

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