'99 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Day #1  -  Saturday, Feb. 13, 1999

Saturday Page 4 of 5 - The Aftermath

After a forced retirement from Saturday's Rubber Class Race #1, due to the collision with "Earnhardt", I had to stop to report my view of the incident to the Race Officials.

During my stunning race, as I smoothly carved through the field from a lowly 24th to a lofty 11th, all the Lac la Biche Formula One scouts assembled in my pit area, anxious to sign me to multi-million dollar contracts driving my choice of an F1 Ferrari or McLaren.

I must have taken too long explaining myself to the Race Officials, or maybe it had something to do with the fact that I only finished 26th (two spots lower than my starting grid position), because by the time I finally limped back to my pit area all the F1 scouts had already dispersed.
Wounded 'Vette The fender was badly damaged.  It was much more than just the inconvenience of cosmetic damage.  The crushed fender now posed a serious danger to the life of the tire.  An exposed sharp edge of metal had already machined long curls of rubber out of the tire's sidewall and tread.  It was only a matter of time before the tire was cut down completely.

Wounded 'Vette A few frantic minutes remained in which to attempt repairs to the car before we were called to grid up for the next Chevette Race of the day. Wounded 'Vette

Fortunately Jim Graham didn't need the extra practice (or the extra risk exposure) of running in the Rubber Class races.  So he was recording the race from the vantage point of a high snowbank and caught the entire "Earnhardt Incident" on tape.  Hopefully he will send me a copy of the tape so that I can post another clip here.

Jim used a crowbar to pry the fender off the tire, and we pounded the sharp edges flat with a hammer as best we could.  And then it was off to do battle in Chevette Race #2!

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