'99 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Day #1  -  Saturday, Feb. 13, 1999

Saturday Page 1 of 5 - Introduction

Before we get to the events of Saturday, I first need to describe my sad condition (and I don't mean the hat) upon arriving at the ice-racing track.

FerdinandI live in Ottawa, Ontario and the Western Canadian Ice-Race Championships were held 3,500 km to the west at Lac La Biche, Alberta.  There is only a two hour difference in time zones between these two locations, but by Saturday morning I was suffering from serious jet lag and sleep deprivation.

In order to still get in a full day's work on Thursday, I booked a flight to leave Ottawa in the early evening, to arrive in Edmonton at 10pm local time that night.  But on Thursday, as part of my job, I first had to get up at 5:30am to drive two and a half hours from Ottawa to an all-day meeting in Montreal.  Then it was another two and half hour rush back to catch my four hour flight to Edmonton, after which we stayed up until 1:30am Edmonton time (3:30am Ottawa time) reviewing all of Jim Graham's previous Chevette race in-car videos!

On Friday we had to get up in time to put in most of a day's work at Jim's office before heading to the Chevette Factory to install a newly acquired racing seat into my car, using coat hanger wire!  (Don't ask.)

Then we had to wait until the agreed upon time of 10pm to meet the truck that would transport our cars from Edmonton to Lac La Biche.  Naturally the truck didn't arrive until 11:30pm so we didn't get the cars loaded and ourselves to bed until 12:30am (2:30am Ottawa Time) on Friday night.

On Saturday morning we had to get up early enough to drive the two and a half hours north to Lac La Biche in time for registration and car preparations, only to then wait another hour for the transporter to eventually show up with our cars.

Not that I'm complaining.  It was all a necessary part of the grand adventure, without which the weekend really wouldn't have been the same.

I'm just laying the groundwork for excuses should I ever be called upon to explain Saturday's crushed fender, or Sunday's rollover.  If pressed for a reason, I can always claim that I don't remember a thing because I was half asleep at the time!

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