'98 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

In-Car Video, Chevette Race

Part 2  of  2

Ferd #09 and Jim Graham #78
In-car video recorded from Jim Graham's car #78.
Below is Part 2 of the frame-by-frame story.  Back to Part 1.
Uh-oh.  It's gonna get crowded. #16 - To recap where we left off... 

Jim can't slide any wider without hitting the purple car that's still crowding him from the right.  And several cars are jostling directly behind Jim looking for a chance to get inside into the next corner. 

And that's when the bumping and pushing started...

BANG! #17 - BANG!  Jim Graham gets hit solidly from behind.
Whack! #18 - Jim's rearview mirror fills with the interesting sight of car #88's passenger side door as that car veers sharply left and buries itself nose-first into the inside snowbank. 

Up to that point, Jim was drifting closely side by side with the purple car, without touching.  But the sudden shove from behind drives Jim's car forward so that it whacks the purple car. 

Oh-oh #19 - Car #88 rapidly drops away in Jim's mirror, stuck sideways and blocking the track at the critical entrance to corner two. 

The driver of the purple car, who was already at the very limit of traction before being shoved by Jim, is now frantically dialing in opposite lock on his steering wheel in an attempt to regain control.

This isn't going to end well. #20 - But it's too late.  He's going to spin out directly in Jim's path.
I'll remember this. #21 - Jim can't do anything to help at this point, so he just keeps his foot on the gas and drives right through him.
Just keep right on spinning please. #22 - Just a little bit more...
Here, let me give you a push. #23 - ... and we're still racing with everything under control as though nothing had happened..
That wasn't so bad. #24 - Despite car #88 still blocking the track, and despite the purple car still spinning behind him, Jim again has his rearview mirror full of chasing cars as he sets off in pursuit of the leaders.
Now where did everyone go? #25 - A short straightaway (again with blowing snow) leads into a gradual left-hand bend.
Lots more fun to be had! #26 - Then there's a tight right turn. 

By now the field has spread out and strung into single file.  From here on, it gets even harder to pass another car. 

On the second last lap of this race, Jim Graham was involved in a big collision in which his car was T-boned hard enough to short out the ignition coil, which forced him out of the race.  He was scored finishing 19th. 

After repairs were made to his car, Jim finished 2nd in the following race.  I guess you win some, you lose some.  Well actually it's pretty rare that you ever win some.  But it certainly is a lot of fun trying!!!

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