2003 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Rubber Race #1

(Another White-Knuckle Moment)

Saturday, March 1, 2003

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Track Layout
Track Layout
Back to Map 01 Hiroki, in the silver Festiva, has already pulled out a big gap.

Meanwhile I'm still stuck behind this green Colt.  Watch on the video how the Colt enters this corner in a nice slide.  But the moment he gets back on the throttle, the FWD car loses traction on the front wheels, the nose washes out of the turn, and he runs way wide onto the loose snow and slippery ice on the outside of this turn.

Back to Map 02 There's no traction to be found over there on the right where the Colt is now.

This lets me run right up tight to his rear bumper, but I'm not confident enough to try passing him yet.  He's kinda zig-zagging around and I'm never certain which way he's going to go.

Maybe I can get him in the S-bend.

Back to Map 03 The Colt is taking a line much more like mine than Hiroki's into the S-bend.  I don't think I'll have any advantage over him here.
Back to Map 04 Ah, that's why.  The Colt was taking a decidely non-fwd line through this S-bend only because he's trying to get around this slower Toyota.
Back to Map 05 I was worried the Toyota might slot in between me and the green Colt, but the Toyota stays well over to the right and lets me past without a fight.
Back to Map 06 Here's the white-knuckle moment!

Again the green Colt employs this HUGELY sideways approach into a corner.  It doesn't scare me quite as much this time as it did the first time, when he did this move on the opening lap.  But, if he actually spins out in front of me, I will surely hit him this time.

Between the Toyota on my right, the snowbank on my left, and this guy spinning out in front of me, I'm completely boxed in with nowhere to go.

Back to Map 07 Okay.  Now I truly AM scared!!!

I was already worried that he's going to spin out in front me, then he goes and hooks the nose of his car into the snowbank!!!

Surely that will drag him right around backwards.

Back to Map 08 But that's not how it works with front-wheel-drive.

He only needs to add a bit of throttle and, presto hey-badda-boom- badda-bing, he's understeering deep off-line again and the Colt plows away to the outside of the corner.

FWD is ugly.

Back to Map 09 I cut inside of him on the left-hander, but he's still beside me going into the right-hander.

I really don't trust this guy very much, so I ease off to leave him lots of room.

Back to Map 10 Running past the start/finish line, the Colt receives a blue flag signal from the flagger.

There's really no risk of me passing him here, or on the following straight.  But it's nice for me to get an acknowledgement like this from the flaggers who have seen that the Colt is holding me up.

He's under no obligation to let me pass or to make it any easier for me to pass.  The blue flag is merely a signal that someone is following closely.  Still, the blue flag helps me because it adds some psychological pressure on the guy driving the Colt.

Back to Map 11 Up ahead, the yellow Nissan Pulsar of Ken Staples comes rocketing out of the pit exit.

He either had some mechanical difficulty, or he was asked to stop for a quick chat with Hal and Uve...

More likely, Ken was already so far ahead that he had enough time to pull into the pits for a quick hot dog and coffee at the concession stand.

Back to Map 12 My underpowered Chevette is no danger to the Colt on the straights.

He has way more power and better traction and uses both to his advantage to pull away from me on this long straight.

But all that extra acceleration is wasted if you forget to slow down for the next corner...

Back to Map 13 The Colt slides deep and wide at the hairpin, and I tuck my slow tortoise Chevette in tight to the apex and pass him easily.  I love it when that happens.

His superior acceleration does him no good from here, because he's away to my right side which leaves him on the outside as well for the next slippery left hand corner.  I know I'm quicker through the twisty bits after that, so he'll never get close enough to catch me on any straights again.

(Another White-Knuckle Moment) - ASF format
(Another White-Knuckle Moment) - MPG format
Rubber Race #1
Another White-Knuckle Moment

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