2003 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Rubber Race #1

(A Complication)

Saturday, March 1, 2003

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Track Layout Track Layout
Track Layout
Track Layout
Back to Map 01 I'm on the front straight and heading toward the hairpin.  The marshalls at the flagging station on the left are waving a yellow flag.

I don't remember seeing this flag at the time.  The flagging stand was partially hidden behind the tow truck which has pulled up to the edge of the track, waiting for a safe gap before entering the track to extract someone from a snowbank.

Back to Map 02 Now there's an interesting location to find a parking spot!

There were three people taking turns with this car this weekend -- Tim, Keith and Shauna.  I believe it was Shauna that was responsible for this parking job.

Back to Map 03 The tail end of Shauna's car is hanging out right onto my preferred line on this corner.  I will need to pass fairly tight behind the stranded Chevette.
Back to Map 04 Just as I'm about to clip past Shauna's car, I notice that her reverse lights are on!

Oh please, don't back up now!

Back to Map 05 Left into the Kink, and I'm still too far back to challenge Hiroki.
Back to Map 06 And, through the right/left S-bend, the track is getting noticeably more slippery.

I cannot slow enough for the right hander to get over to the right on the exit, as I would have liked.  Sliding too far left now leaves me poorly positioned going into this left hander in the second part of the S-bend.

Watch in the video, from the point where Hiroki's Festiva is right now.  He's still running the same exaggerated S through this sequence.  But from right here you can see that he's having difficulties trying to drag his car left back over to the middle of the track where he prefers to exit the corner.  I'm hoping to eventually use this to my benefit.

Back to Map 07 Here we are turning into the double left hairpin at the top end of the track.
Back to Map 08 Both of the FWD cars take a much deeper and wider line around this bend than I do.
Back to Map 09 Exiting the turn, Hiroki surprises the driver of the green Colt (and me) by driving up the inside leading into the next right hander.
Back to Map 10 And here's the complication.  For the last three laps I've been sizing up Hiroki's lines through corners, trying to formulate a plan on where to try passing him.  I had just about figured it out, but now he's gone!

I really haven't been paying all that much attention to the green Colt, so now I have to begin all over again studying his lines instead to look for a passing opportunity.

(A Complication) - ASF format
(A Complication) - MPG format
Rubber Race #1
A Complication

Up next, Another White-Knuckle Moment.

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