2003 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Studded Race


Saturday, March 1, 2003

Track Layout Track Layout
Track Layout
Track Layout
The red circle, #1, is me in the pits with the camera.  The red-X on the track is the rollover vehicle.

Back to Map 01 While the Studded Class vehicles are finishing their first race of the day, the Chevettes are being pre-gridded in the Pits.

It's amazing how much faster those cars are on their studded tires compared to us on normal rubber tires.  They also throw up huge rooster tails of snow and ice chips in their wake.  It must be really scary trying to drive that fast while blind a lot of the time with all that snow hanging in the air.

And just then along comes this car, sliding along on it's roof, slowly spinning down the track like a curling rock.

Back to Map 02 Unfortunately I missed seeing, or recording, the actual rollover as that happened just upstream out of sight behind the ambulance.

Happily the services of the ambulance crew were not required.  The driver is already safely out of the car and can be seen (in the white helmet) calmly walking around to the left of the car.

Back to Map 03 The red flags came out immediately all around the track to stop any further racing.

After a thorough check to ensure no harm was done, the track workers quickly and efficiently set the vehicle back on its wheels.

Back to Map 04 This driver [whose name I can't remember right now] has had a lot of bad luck at Lac la Biche.  I'm pretty sure he's the same guy whose car burned up here in 2000.
Hottest Car on the Track
Back to Map 05
Rollover - ASF format
Rollover - MPG format
Studded Race

Shortly after the track is cleared, the Chevettes head out for our first race...

Up next, Chevette Race#1 - Start (Not a Good Lap).

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