2002 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Wrap Up

Sunday, March 3, 2002

Here is a fabulous aerial view of the 2002 Lac la Biche ice racing track.   The lake isn't actually painted up like this.  I added the colours, eh.

Yellow is the track surface, with race traffic running counter-clockwise.  The start/finish line is indicated with a dotted red line, and the hot pits are shown in green with the paddock area off to the right.  A spectator ring road circles the outside of the track.

Lac la Biche 2002
This aerial photo must have been taken during a Studded Car session, because I can see Jim Graham's red Chevette and my green one behind his parked in our spot right in the centre of the paddock area.

There are many more cars running in the Rubber Class.  To give you an idea of the size of the field, here are a couple of photos showing the Rubber cars being led from the pits on our pace lap.  I'm in the green Chevette (arrow) just ahead of those two red cars.  If you squint at the second photo you can see the two red cars only about half way back in the grid.

Rubber Pace Lap Rubber Pace Lap
After the Chevette Class results were tallied following the final Chevette race, Landon Goudreau (once again) came out on top crowned as the Western Canadian Ice Race Champion (Chevette Class).  Kevin Sakaluk and I tied for 2nd.  The tie-breaker was decided in my favour due to my win in the first race, compared to Kevin's best finish of 2nd in Race #2.  Jim Graham was 4th, Chris Brandt 5th, and Trent Hamp 6th.
2nd Place Plaque
Finishing 2nd in the Western Canadian Ice Race Championship weekend was my best result ever.  But even more satisfying than that was having achieved this result without inflicting any major damage to #79!
Coming soon, the less successful 2003 Ice-Races.

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