2002 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

First Rubber Practice Session.

(More Incidents)

Saturday, March 2, 2002

The pace picks up as time runs out on the Rubber Practice session.

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Track Layout Track Layout
Track Layout
Track Layout

Back to Map 01 In the closing minutes of the Practice session, the ice is now well polished and traction is nonexistant.

Three cars are stuffed in the snowbank at the end of the back straight.

Back to Map 02 In the next corner, Elysha Dowler gets her #87 Chevette just a wee bit too far sideways...
Back to Map 03 ... and spins.
Back to Map 04 I'm still chasing the same Neon, and this is the same left-hand corner leading onto the front straight where I nearly stuffed it before.  The ice surface is treacherously slippery now.

Note how smooth the ice is here.  Not just smooth as in slippery, but smooth as in utterly flat.

You'd expect a lake to freeze flat, right?  But on a lake of this size the ice can heave and buckle as the ice shifts.  This year however the ice surface is as perfectly smooth as a billiard table.

Keep this scene in mind when comparing it to subsequent images from late Sunday afternoon.  After two days of the Studded cars carving up the ice, it's amazing how much the track conditions will change.

Back to Map 05 Hey, wait a second.  I could swear I've already seen this movie!

Apparently the Neon driver does this on purpose, as he repeats his snowbank bashing manoeuvre on each lap.  I don't understand how scrubbing off speed this way in the snowbank is meant to help him attain a higher speed down the straightaway.  It's bizarre.

Oh well, it's a FWD car.  It's best not to pay any attention at all to what those guys do.  I'll only get confused if I watch them.  My plan is to stay well clear of the FWD cars and I should be okay...

Back to Map 06 Another butt-clenching moment as the visibility drops completely to zero in the curtain of snow thrown up by the Neon!

Fortunately I missed hitting the snowbank this time.

The combined effects of the icy cold temperatures and a dead-calm windspeed leave the snow crystals hanging in the air for a very long time.

This complete lack of visiblity will certainly be cause for concern in the races to follow.

1st Practice Session - ASF format
1st Practice Session - MPG format
Butt-clenching moments.

Up next, Chevette Race #1.

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