2002 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Chevette Race #4

(Passing Jim)

Sunday, March 3, 2002

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Track Layout Track Layout
Track Layout
Track Layout

Back to Map 01 We're halfway through the second lap, exiting the kink on the back straight.

You can't see it in this photo, but watch on the video at this point for more evidence of how the track surface gets chewed up by the Studded Cars.  Jim's Chevette takes a little hop and skip as it crosses the deep ruts that have been carved into the ice in this corner.  In my rearview mirror you can see my helmet bounce when my car crosses the ruts.

Back to Map 02 Ahead of us, Kevin Sakaluk dives down the inside of Trent's car and finally forces a pass.

Under braking, Jim drifts his car nicely right up to the apex of the left turn at the end of the back straight.

Following in his tracks, I experience a moment of understeer as the nose of my car falls off the slope at the apex on the off-camber slope at the inside edge of the track.

Back to Map 03 Rounding the second left turn, the order is now Chris, Landon, Kevin, Trent, Jim, and me still in 6th.
Back to Map 04 Onto the finish straight to end the second lap, there's still no sign of me getting any further up the field.

This isn't good.  It's time to do something.

Back to Map 05 Approaching the finish line I pull way over to the right in an attempt to distract Jim.

If I can convince him that I'm trying to pass him here, maybe I can draw him into making an error.

Back to Map 06 But Jim is having none of that.  He sticks to his normal line and completely ignores me, or maybe he didn't even see me.

Before reaching the braking area, I move back into line on the left before Colin, behind me, has a chance to squeeze me out.

And then Jim does make a small mistake by braking and turning in a bit too early...

Back to Map 07 Watch on the video, as Jim brakes, the car takes its usual tail-out stance sliding into the turn.

But because it was a bit too early, Jim has to get off the brakes earlier than he wanted, and the car straightens out again.

Instead of sliding up to the apex with the nose already pointed where he wants the car to go after, the car instead reaches that nasty off-camber slope at a shallow approach angle, with the nose still pointing too much off to the left...

Back to Map 08 ... causing it to bounce off that sloped surface, and spear away to the left side of the track.
Back to Map 09 I held the drift much deeper into the turn, then crossed the apex at a steeper angle, keeping well to the right on the exit.
Back to Map 10 Jim was still getting his car turned to the right as I, accelerating in a straighter path, shot up alongside.

From here I have a much wider approach and better momentum into the critical turn leading onto the long straight, whereas Jim will be forced into pinching his turn tighter to avoid hitting me.

Back to Map 11 Sliding side-by-side and door-handle-to-door-handle, I was a little worried about running out of 2nd gear halfway around this corner, so I shifted up early into 3rd gear.

That was probably a good thing because, starting onto the third lap, this corner is already developing a very slick line and it's easier to control the wheel spin in 3rd gear.

Back to Map 12 It turns out 2nd gear would have been fine.  There is lots of grip available after the turn, and the engine bogs badly in 3rd gear.  So it's back down to 2nd for a bit and then everything's cool.

Far up ahead, with a lead of nearly the whole front straight, Chris and Landon have already turned into the hairpin...

Chevette Race 3 (Passing Jim) - ASF format
Chevette Race 3 (Passing Jim) - MPG format
Passing Jim

Up next, Passing Trent.

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