2002 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Chevette Race #3

(Landon gets Defensive)

Sunday, March 3, 2002

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Track Layout Track Layout
Track Layout
Track Layout

Back to Map 01 Continuing from where we left off after my error in the hairpin, Landon is now passing me into the Kink on the back straight.

Trent in the grey car and I are on equal lines and equal pace entering this corner.

Landon in the yellow car, in completing his pass on me, comes charging into this corner on a tighter line and with way more speed than either Trent or me.

Back to Map 02 A lesser driver might have drifted straight off into the far snowbank.  But Landon would not make that kind of mistake.  He is well in control of his car, and looks like he's hoping to carry his momentum right past Trent's car as well.

Still, you can see how his higher initial speed into the corner now carries him wide off to the right.

Back to Map 03 And, as Trent heads into the second portion of the Kink with his car already pointing to the right, Landon's car is still pointing off to the left.

Landon will either need to back way off the power now, or for sure his line will carry him far out to the left on the exit of the Kink.

Back to Map 04 Landon cannot afford to back off the power, because I'm right here waiting for him to do that.

Instead he carries his speed into the right hander in a big power slide.  In the process he drifts over to the far left edge of the track where the ice is extremely slippery.

Back to Map 05 Now we're back to pretty much the identical scenario we had on the previous lap when I passed Landon.

Note Trent and I are still at the same speed.  It's Landon that's slow again coming out of the Kink.  And he's way off to the left again where there's less traction.

On the previous lap he stayed left to defend the inside line into the upcoming lefthander at the end of the straight, whereas I went all the way to the right to set up a wider approach.

That worked really well for me last time, so I'm sticking with the same plan again this time around.

Back to Map 06 But Landon is no dummy.  He's fully aware of what I'm trying to do and he says, no way José. You're not going to pull that move on me again.

He quite deliberately and firmly slams the door shut on that option by swinging his car all the way across the track to cut in front of me.

Back to Map 07 I don't consider that as "blocking".

Landon is still far enough ahead of me for him to be entitled to take whatever line he pleases.  He realises he's on the wrong side of the track, still has time to make the correction, and slots back in front of me.

Still, the sudden defensive move seems a bit desperate and it forces me to back off a bit earlier than I had intended.

I think Landon is starting to feel the pressure.

Back to Map 08 I'm briefly tempted to carry my speed advantage into a bonzai diving passing attempt down the inside.

But there's no chance whatsoever of making that work from this far back, so I back off to wait for a safer opportunity.

Back to Map 09 Landon is taking a run at Trent.

At first it looks like he is trying to pass Trent around the outside, then changes his mind to go left, and finally is balked completely as Trent is very slow on the exit...

Back to Map 10 ... which allows me to close up tight again as we enter the Esses.
Back to Map 11 Here Landon does something peculiar.

Everyone else is taking as straight a line as possible through here.  But Landon pulls way over to the right, presumably to benefit from the better traction available on the snowy surface.

Back to Map 12 But now he needs to swing his car hard left to get it pointed in the right direction before he can launch down the next straight.
Back to Map 13 And that throws me right off my pace.

Watch my tachometer needle and you can see the revs drop off when I'm forced to get out of the throttle to avoid hitting Landon as he crosses in front of me.

Back to Map 14 This is actually boosting my confidence.

It could be that he's just experimenting with different lines in an attempt to find a way past Trent, but Landon appears to be getting frustrated by Trent holding him up.

From my point of view it looks like Landon is cracking.  His driving is getting increasingly ragged, and as a result he's noticeably slower at several spots around the track.

Back to Map 15 If Landon runs this wonky line again in the Esses, it just might give me the opening I'm looking for...
Chevette Race 3 (Landon gets Defensive) - ASF format
Chevette Race 3 (Landon gets Defensive) - MPG format
Landon gets Defensive

Up next, Clearing a Hurdle.

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