2002 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Chevette Race #3

(I Passed Landon!)

Sunday, March 3, 2002

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Track Layout Track Layout
Track Layout
Track Layout

Back to Map 01 I managed to avoid getting hit by Terry Lolacher's suicidal move at the hairpin, and I set off again in pursuit of Landon.

I should point out that the leaders of this particular race are already so far ahead that they're out of sight.  Chris Brandt has taken full advantage of his pole position start and is still leading, followed by Jim Graham in 2nd.

Trent Hamp in 3rd place has been holding the rest of us back.  Not that he's slow, or anything.  Note that neither Kevin Sakaluk in 4th, nor Landon Goudreau 5th, have found a way past him yet.

But Trent has been doing me, all the way down in 6th, a favour in keeping Kevin and Landon bottled up.  Otherwise I very likely would never have been close enough to challenge Landon.

Back to Map 02 My usual experience with Landon is that he passes me, leaves me in the dust, and I never see him again.

But this race has been very educational for me, because I now know that Landon is not invincible.  He is capable, just like the rest of us, of making mistakes.

And here in the Kink he makes another small slip.  He turns into the left corner okay, but...

Back to Map 03 ... for some reason he straightens out too early...
Back to Map 04 ... then has to swing left again to make the corner...
Back to Map 05 ... before pitching the car the other way to slide through the right turn portion of the Kink.

I didn't get the transition right either, so I didn't gain as much of an advantage as I had hoped.  Nonetheless, I'm noticeably quicker at the exit and gaining on Landon.

Back to Map 06 Up ahead Kevin has finally managed to pass Trent.

Landon knows I'm catching him up, so he stays to the left again to protect the inside going into the left hander at the end of the back straight.  Note how he's on the slippery ice line.

I take a wider approach from way over on the right side of the track.  I'm on the snowy surface where there is better traction, so I can turn in behind Landon when he slides away to the right.

Back to Map 07 Landon slides into the left turn pretty fast, with the car all crossed up on full opposite lock.

He has it well under control, but he will definitely need to drift wide to the right.

Back to Map 08 As a direct consequence of his higher entry speed and tighter approach, Landon's car is still arcing further out to the right edge of the track, whereas I'm already straightened out and accelerating with good traction.
Back to Map 09 I'm now square alongside Landon, and I have the inside line into the second lefthander.  Is he going to try to outmuscle me again?

Nope.  It was his error that let me get up here alongside him, so he very properly stays where he is and yields.

I just have to make sure not to go into this next left turn too hot, otherwise I'll slide wide and leave the door open for Landon to cross back behind me to retake the position in a similar move to the one I just pulled on him.

Back to Map 10 But with Landon safely boxed out on the outside I only need to slow enough to ensure that I can make the corner and simultaneously prevent him from cutting behind me.

The situation is under control, and just like that, I've passed Landon!

Back to Map 11 Now I have my sights set on getting by Trent.
Back to Map 12 At the finish line the flagman is holding up a board indicating that we've reached the half distance point in this race.

I'm trying too hard to catch Trent.  As a result I turn in a bit too early on this right hander, slide wider on the exit than I had intended, then need to back off to avoid hitting Trent.

Back to Map 13 Trent's lines are a little different than what Landon and I have been doing, and it will take me a lap or two to figure out where I should try to pass him.

But it's difficult to concentrate under these conditions, because Landon is swarming all over my butt.

Because my line was bad on the right turn, it affects my entry into this critical left hander and I already know that I'm going to be exiting with less than optimum speed onto the long straight.

Back to Map 14 Check my rearview mirror and you can see Landon's yellow car as he tries to run up my left side.
Back to Map 15 But Landon changes his mind and instead swings back over to the right behind me to set up a wider approach into the hairpin at the end of the straight.
Back to Map 16 I'm nice and tight against the snowbank at the apex of the hairpin.  No opportunity for Landon to get me back here.

I'm already easing into the throttle, aiming to exit in a smooth arc out to where Sakaluk's car is up ahead.

I'm not quite certain yet what Trent is going to do in front of me.  If he runs wide I'll head left, or if he stays left I'll swing out to the right.  But Trent surprises me by doing neither of those things...

Back to Map 17 Holy crap!  I really didn't expect him to be this slow here!

As I'm accelerating (and he's not!), I very nearly rear-end Trent's car and am forced to swerve out to the right to avoid clipping the rear corner of his car.

Back to Map 18 Nuts!

I had hoped to follow in the wheel tracks left by Kevin Sakaluk's car as he sweeps out on the perfect arc exiting the hairpin.

But my sudden swerve puts me way off-line, and I'm screwed.

Back to Map 19 While I'm fumbling around over here trying to get my car turned around, Trent finally hits the throttle and takes off down the straightaway.

I look over to the left, hoping to see that Landon has also been tripped up.  (In the process I very nearly drive into the snowbank!)

No such luck.  Landon is already accelerating past me.

Back to Map 20 It was clearly my mistake this time.  So I make sure to stay all the way over to the right to leave Landon room as he pulls up alongside me.  No swerving or blocking.  But I'm not getting off the throttle at all.

Still Landon has better speed than I do because I screwed up my line onto the straight whereas he had a much better line and consequently easily out accelerates me and, entering the Kink, Landon easily blows past me.


Okay, so it's a minor setback.  But the battle ain't over yet...

Chevette Race 3 (I Passed Landon!) - ASF format
Chevette Race 3 (I Passed Landon!) - MPG format
I Passed Landon!

Up next, Landon gets defensive.

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