2001 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Performance Upgrades for Next Year.


Lots of people made jokes suggesting the car had been hobbled or sabotaged deliberately to keep me from getting into trouble this year.  See the dastardly details of Plan-B revealed.

In reality, Jim felt quite badly that the car wasn't running well.  At one point during the weekend he even offered to switch cars with me.

Something was definitely wrong in the engine compartment.  It seemed down on power all weekend long.  Simply not enough juice.

To make it competitive for the upcoming 2002 ice-racing season, the car has been sent back to the Chevette Factory for some much needed performance upgrades.

Doctor Goodwrench took just one look at the old #79 Chevette, prescribed radical surgery, and immediately performed an emergency enginectomy.

Engine Removed
It's odd how the leaky old engine is entirely coated in black oil,
everything except for the immaculate white oil filter.

Replacement V12 Engine. The replacement engine is a real beauty!

Sadly the V12 was just a bit too big and wouldn't fit into the Chevette's engine bay.  So it had to be sent back.

Instead, I could have had a V8.

...and gee, look at that.

The V8 fits perfectly!


The roof-mounted machine gun is a nice touch as well, don't you think?  From now on, people will think twice before spinning out in front of me.

V8 Power! Ya baby.

... and to tame all that V8 power, we'll need to find some more traction.
Why not add a big wing? Gotta have a wing like this!
Is this hot or what, eh? V8 power, a big wing, and a spiffy red air dam!

Is this a hot setup, or what?

With a car like this, I can't lose!
I can't lose with this.

Seriously though, the Edmonton Chevette Ice-Racing Series is run according to very strict rules.  No aerodynamic aids are permitted and engines must be completely stock 1.6 litre 4-cylinder Chevette engines.

For a list of rules, a calendar of race dates and results, and even a list of cars for sale, visit the official Chevettes on Ice website at http://chevettesonice.ca/.

The yellow Chevette with the massive wing pictured on this page actually does exist!  You can see more photos of it at the website of Jackass Motorsports.  A fellow named Robert Nolan drives it in the ice-racing series hosted by the Thunder Bay Autosport Club.

Come visit again after March 2-3, 2002, for stories of the 2002 Western Canadian Ice Race Championship.

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