2001 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Rubber Race #3 - Scrapping with #92

Saturday, March 3, 2001

This is the third Rubber Class race of the day, the last event of the day.

I had a good scrap with the #92 Chevette...

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Track Layout

Back to Map 01 I thanked Jim for his offer to trade cars for this last Rubber Class race, but I couldn't possibly accept.  So in this last race of the day I'm still driving the same Yellow #79 Chevette.

I've been chasing the multicoloured #92 Chevette for the entire race and on this, the second last lap, I've closed in just enough to start applying some pressure.

A couple of people have been taking turns driving the #92 car in the various races, so I never know what to expect from this car.  In fact I've been involved in several incidents of contact with this car already today.

Back to Map 02 Just ahead of the #92 Chevette is a black Honda CRX.  The FWD car is a rocket on the straightaways, but it doesn't seem to turn corners all that well.  It has horrible understeer and often runs very deep in the corners.

In my haste to catch #92 I also run too deep, get big understeer and can't get the car to turn in under braking, and thus miss the apex by a mile.

At the same time #92 gets much too far sideways and scrubs off all his speed.  That allows me to close right up tight on the exit.

Back to Map 03 Starting almost from a standstill, #92 heads up the straightaway.  But he's way left of where he should be.

I unwind the steering and drift all the way out to the right snowbank, giving my car the maximum room to accelerate onto the straight.

That brings me up alongside #92 as we approach the left/right chicane.

Except he's still hanging left to guard the inside line into the left hander...

Back to Map 04 Now he's coming at this left turn from much too shallow an angle and will surely drift wide from here.  I've come at the turn with a wide entrance and should easily cut behind and inside him to pass.

In fact, I've seen this movie before.

We played out this exact same scenario in the first Rubber race of the day.  I passed #92 here like this once before.  Check out Passing #92.

It's a cinch that I'll pass him again using the same move now.

Back to Map 05 Nuts.

Nothing is ever that easy.

There's a yellow flag waving at the marshall's stand.  Up ahead, someone's car has stalled and stopped right on the racing line.

That means no passing allowed here.

Back to Map 06 I'm forced to hang back and watch, unable to take advantage of the situation, as #92 gets all crossed up trying to negotiate the left hander.

We're going so much slower than usual through this turn that I even need to shift back down to second gear.

If I can get the jump on him under acceleration, I might still be able to pass him the moment we clear the stalled car that brought out the yellow flag on this corner.

Back to Map 07 But he must have had the same idea as me at exactly the same moment.  #92 gets back on the gas just as I do, and now it's a drag race.

As we flash past the stranded car, I'm not gaining an inch on #92.  In fact, after disrupting my momentum, he seems to be pulling away from me again.

Back to Map 08 Not only that, but the bugger drifts across my nose to make absolutely certain he has me blocked.

I've got the throttle buried, but he's still pulling away from me.

Man, this is frustrating.

I give up on catching him here and concentrate instead on the left hand corner coming up at the end of the back straight.

Desperate to defend his lead, #92 is once again compromising his approach by running down the left side of the track.  I move all the way to right, hoping he'll run wide on this corner and leave the door open, which should give me another chance to sneak inside on the exit...

Back to Map 09 Yup!

Sure enough, he slides too deep and leaves all sorts of room for me to get inside him on the left.

However, check out the depth of those ruts in the ice (marked by arrows).  The studded tires of the Unlimited cars carve deep troughs into the ice surface along the racing line in the corners.

Back to Map 10 I'm focused too much on what #92 is doing, and not paying enough attention to where I'm going.

While #92 is sliding wide around the outside of the turn, I intended to take a shorter line, cutting across the normal racing groove, and heading tight left, well to the inside of the turn.

But, my right rear tire suddenly hooks into the deepest rut, and I almost spin out!

Back to Map 11 Well, that didn't work out at all.  That was a dumb mistake.

#92 is still ahead of me.

ASF format
ASF format
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Right away, I get an even better opportunity...

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