2001 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Rubber Race #1 - Hit by #92

Saturday, March 3, 2001

Still the first Rubber Class race.  This race must end soon, please.

I was passed by Mark, the multi-coloured #92 Chevette, and the red/white #12 Corolla.

Half a lap later I try to overtake the #92 Chevette, but he resists...

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Track Layout Track Layout
Track Layout
Track Layout

Back to Map 01 We're coming around to complete another lap.  The pit entrance is straight ahead on the right.  The start/finish line is just around the corner to the left.

The red and white front-wheel-drive #12 Corolla is on my left.  The #92 Chevette and Mark Stevens are just ahead.

Back to Map 02 This far into the Rubber race, the dark ice surface along the racing line has been buffed smooth by all the spinning rubber tires.

Heading toward the start/finish line, it's getting quite slippery and it's increasingly difficult to find any traction.

Back to Map 03 Turning right to start the next lap, #92 gets way out of shape and sideways.
Back to Map 04 He hangs onto it, manages to catch the slide before it turns into a full spin, and continues on his way.

But he's scrubbed off far too much speed.  This will surely be a big handicap leading onto the start of the long straightaway down to the hairpin.

Furthermore, he's way off the racing line onto the untravelled, extremely slippery, right edge of the track.

I will certainly pass him now.

Back to Map 05 I might even pass the Corolla!

He had to lift off the throttle for a second when #92 almost spun in front of him.

In comparison, I've had a good run off the previous corner and, as long as I can maintain this momentum by allowing the car to track all the way across to the right on the exit of this turn, I might just be able to pass him now.

Except #92 is angling in for a body block from the right...

Back to Map 06 I pitch my car sideways, trying to pull away to the left.  But it's really slippery along here and I'm already fully committed to following this line.


Where the *%$# are you going?

Apparently it's not just the front-wheel-drive cars that take inexplicable lines through corners.  Even Chevette drivers will occasionally surprise you.

Back to Map 07 If he drags me into the left snowbank, we'll both be toast.

Fortunately his car is pushed back onto a straight line and we both continue.  He manages to stay ahead of me.  That figures.

All my momentum is gone now.  Mark and the Corolla steam away to disappear over the horizon, and I'm still stuck behind #92.

Buggered again.

ASF format
ASF format
Here is the video clip;
Rubber1d.asf (0.4M)


I do pass #92 half a lap later...

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