2001 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Rubber Race #1 - Mark's Pass

Saturday, March 3, 2001

This is still the first Rubber Class race of the day.

Two laps after being passed by Jay, Mark Stevens also passes me.

But his technique is, ahem, not quite as elegant...

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Track Layout Track Layout
Track Layout
Track Layout

Back to Map 01 We're in third gear again, and Mark Stevens is pulling alongside me.  I make no attempt to block him.  That's simply not done.

However I can choose which side of me I'd prefer him to pass on.  In this case I simply hold my line on the far right of the straightaway and allow him to come up on my left.

That puts him on the inside going into the hairpin.

Back to Map 02 If I remember right, Mark generally prefers to run wide around the outside of corners, and I've seen him overshoot the apex of this particular corner on the opening lap of the race when he was forced to approach the hairpin down the slippery left side of the track.

I'm hoping he'll overshoot again, in which case it's safer for me to make a cautious wide approach from the right edge of the track, and then cut back inside him on the exit.

Back to Map 03 To my surprise, and evidently to his surprise as well, Mark has no difficulty in hitting the apex of the corner!
Back to Map 04 For a monent there, I thought he would roll over.

But fortunately the snowbank is soft and his car punches through without rolling.

Back to Map 05 Instead he spins sideways!

I hesitate for a moment, hoping he will roll backwards to the right, in which case I could still pass him on the left.

But no such luck.  He comes to rest directly bulls-eye on my line.

"You bugger", I say.

Then I stupidly lock up my brakes, after which I probably would have T-boned him square in the door.

Back to Map 06 But Mark sees me coming, gets on the gas, and scrambles out of the way.

I'm forced to swing wide to go around behind him on the right, which completely kills my line and my exit speed on this corner.

You won't hear it on the video, but at this moment I have several other choice curses running around in my mind.

Back to Map 07 That's twice in this race Mark has spun in front of me in this corner.

Despite all that, he's still ahead of me!

This isn't fair.

Back to Map 08 Due to my poor exit speed, the multi-coloured #92 Chevette passes me too.

And a front-wheel-drive Toyota gets me as well.


ASF format
ASF format
Here is the video clip;
Rubber1c.asf (0.4M)


I eventually regain one position, getting back ahead of #92.   But in the process, I take another hit...

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