2001 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Rubber Race #1 - Jay's Pass

Saturday, March 3, 2001

Still the first Rubber Class race of the day.

Just one lap after tangling with Mark Stevens, Jay Esterer catches and passes me...

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Track Layout Track Layout
Track Layout
Track Layout

Back to Map 01 Only one lap after tangling and spinning off with Mark, Jay Esterer has already caught up to me again.  He's right behind me coming off the hairpin. 

He considers passing me going into the left/right corners on the back straight, but instead holds off until just after where it's safer.

Note the gap between me and that group of four cars ahead.

Back to Map 02 Coming out of the left/right combination, Jay effortlessly cruises past me.

At this point I'm not overly concerned by his pass.  I've come to accept the humbling fact that I'm unlikely to keep up with Jay.

His strong driving skills, coupled with a strong car, make Jay very tough to beat.  I fully expect Jay to finish ahead of me, unless he makes a big mistake somewhere (it happens), or unless he gets collected in someone else's mistake (it just did happen on the previous lap, but that didn't seem to slow him up much).

Still, I am a bit concerned at how easily he blew past me.  Furthermore, notice how that group of four cars ahead of me has pulled away into the distance.

Back to Map 03 As Jay slows into the tight left hander at the end of the straight, I make doubly sure to stay in control under braking so as not to slide into him.  
Back to Map 04 But here's where things start to get really discouraging.

Jay is already on the gas, rapidly accelerating away from me, while I'm still trying to get my car to turn.  I'm still sliding past the apex, as Jays launches his car away from me.

Back to Map 05 Jay has managed to get his car hooked up with miraculous traction, while I'm still scrambling for enough grip just to complete the turn.
Back to Map 06 As a racer, it's important to have a big ego.  In all modesty, I do consider myself to be a good driver -- maybe not the best, but I'm confident in the belief that I am at least better than average.

I can shrug off differences in straight line speed.  I've always suspected Jay's car to be a little more equal than others in that respect.  But the way Jay has just pulled away, leaving me standing still, is completely demoralizing.

Either Jay is secretly running on studded tires, or I'm doing something seriously wrong with my line through this corner.

ASF format
ASF format
Here is the video clip;
Rubber1b.asf (0.5M)
  I'm convinced my car is lacking straight line power once in third gear.  But that doesn't explain the fact that Jay has just done something magical in this turn in order to pull away from me so dramatically.

That was pure driving technique.

I've studied the video clip several times, and I still don't know what I should have done differently to get the car pointed into the corner and accelerating as early as Jay managed to do with such startling results.


Two laps later, I also get passed by Mark...

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