2000 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Passing Under Yellow

Saturday, March 4, 2000

It seems as though I spent the entire weekend following the red #98 Chevette.

Please note that I'm not talking about the red #78 Chevette of my friend Jim Graham.  I'm referring to that other red Chevette, #98.  I wouldn't want to risk embarassing anyone, so I won't tell you his name.  However, I can give you a couple of hints as to his identity.  His first name is Chris, and his last name is Zuke.

I don't want this to look like I'm picking on Chris or anything.  He's really a nice guy.  It's just that his car features prominently in about 90% of the in-car video footage from my camera because in every race he was always right in front of me!  I'm sure there must have been many other interesting incidents happening elsewhere around the track.  But pretty well every interesting incident recorded on my camera somehow involved the red #98 Chevette.

Here's one such incident involving car #98 in the first Chevette Race on Saturday.  This looks suspiciously as though he passed two cars under a yellow flag situation.
Track Layout Below is a series of still images illustrating the incident.  The green numbers on this circuit diagram indicate the locations of the following 5 images.  A video clip is at the bottom of this page.

The map is not to scale, but it gives a rough idea of the track layout.

#1 I was chasing #98 as he caught up to two slower cars.

This was shaping up nicely into a potential passing opportunity for me.

#2 The little left/right kink should be taken flat without lifting off the gas.  That leaves you with a nice wide approach into the next tight right hander which leads onto the fast back straight.

It puzzles me why anyone would want to stay to the right like the black and grey cars were both doing here.  The grey car is even braking.(?)  Red #98 and I will surely blow past both these guys.

Then #98 startles me as he suddenly backs off too!

#3 In avoiding #98 I get way off line into the deep snow on the left.  But from out here I can see why everybody suddenly slowed up.

"Jeff Gordon" has spun out in the middle of the track, and the corner marshall is waving a yellow flag to warn us.

We're supposed to slow up, and we are forbidden to pass another car under a yellow flag incident.

#4 So I was a little surprised when #98 went right ahead and passed both those slower cars anyway!

In response to several emails received since I first posted this, I've had to reconsider and now admit it looks like #98 managed to legally pass both the slower cars just before reaching the yellow flag.  The marshalls must have thought the move was legitimate as no penalty was assessed.

For a brief moment I considered passing as well.  Instead I waited, holding station behind the two slower cars until we had passed the incident.

#5 As a consequence of their tight approach into this corner, the two cars both slide wide on the exit.

I'm better positioned for a good exit onto the straight and pass them both up the inside to continue my pursuit of #98.

In the mean time, red #98 has taken advantage of the situation to stretch out his lead.
Yellow Flag This is an ASF file video clip (0.3 MB) of the incident as recorded from my in-car camera.

  I did eventually catch up to him.  See Pass Attempt #1 ...


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