2000 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship

Dog's Breakfast (Part 2)

Sunday, March 5, 2000

I already made a Dog's Breakfast of the first half of this lap.  I went on from there to make a Dog's Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner of the remainder of the opening lap!
Track Layout This series of 11 images illustrates how I royally screwed up the rest of the opening lap of Sunday's first Chevette race.

#1 You will recall that, in Dog's Breakfast Part 1, I barely missed stuffing the car into the snowbank while following Lionel's green Chevette in avoiding the collision between Landon's yellow car and Chris Zuke's red #98.

This is just moments later, still on the same lap.  We're just back up to speed in the left/right chicane on the back straight.  Up ahead, Landon is hot on the tail of Lionel.

#2 We've made it through the chicane and are now on the straight leading to the sharp left turn.

I have the same problem again with poor visibility.  The fast cars ahead of me are kicking lots of snow into the air and I can't see a thing.

#3 There is still snow hanging in the air.  But I spot Landon and Lionel as they turn into the corner.  Landon evidently has passed Lionel.

All I have to do is follow Lionel's green car...

#4 Aw nuts.

Blinded by the snow kicked up by Landon's car, Lionel went too deep into the corner and slid onto the really slick ice just outside of the good racing line.

Lionel hits the snowbank.  Hard!

And, idiot that I am, I have (literally) followed him blindly into the snowbank!

#5 Lionel's car rotates to the right and climbs the bank.


I'm still bracing for impact as my car slides in sideways.



It's a big hit into the snowbank.  Luckily the snow is soft and the car does not roll over.

#7 Lionel's car bursts through the snowbank.

My car also climbs up the bank.

#8 Lionel's car comes to rest with its front wheels hanging in thin air.

My car, now with all four wheels off the ground, is surfing along the crest of the snowbank.

Oh, Oh!  I might even end up T-boning Lionel's car on top of the snowbank!

#9 But thankfully my car toboggans back down the slope of the snowbank without hitting Lionel. 09
#10 Anxious not to get stuck, I stick the car back in gear and give it some gas.

As I pull out around Lionel's stricken car, the orange car of Bevan George flashes past.  He was the one who, starting from the front row, pulled over to let everyone go by on the start.

I would have been further ahead by now had I done the same thing as Bevan!!!

#11 To add insult to injury and deliver one final kick in the teeth, as I struggled to get back up to speed I was passed by #98 and then spent almost the entire race stuck behind him again!
Dog's Breakfast Part 2 This is an ASF file video clip (0.6 MB) of the mess.
  As I shifted up from 2nd to 3rd gear, I noticed the car felt rather sluggish.  I thought it might be because the engine had swallowed a lot of snow through the air intake when I hit the snowbank.  The car ran fine in 2nd, but it just didn't seem to pull as well in 3rd.

Oh well, can't do anything about that now.

I chased #98 for the rest of the race until passing him on the final lap of the race.  He probably would have got me back on the next straight, but a yellow flag at that point forced him to stay behind me.  That worked in my favour and I just managed to beat #98 to the chequered flag, finishing 8th despite my abysmal first lap.

The mystery of the sluggish acceleration was solved upon our return to the pits.  The right rear tire was totally flat, probably as a result of hitting the snowbank.

I learned two important lessons in this race.

  1. Tire pressure doesn't seem to make a whole lot of difference when driving on ice.
  2. Don't follow Lionel anymore!

Later I had to amend that second point to "Don't follow anyone anymore." 

Please see The Big Wreck (Part 1)  ...


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